Assalamu Alaykum

Attached is the application for the Germantown Masjid Academy:
Please hurry to avoid disappointment.
Here are some important instructions:

  1. People will be filling out, dropping off the applications and will pay at the center by their own devices  or if the center has a computer for them to use
  2. It is only for grades 2-7
  3. Payments are made by Paypal only
  4. Tuition is to be in full.
  5. Keep track of the number of students registered based on gender and to stop taking applications and payments when we reach 20 boys and 20 girls.
  6. Also, to fill in the bottom of the application noted “Office Only” stating the amount paid, date, and who received the payment and application.
  7. Once we hit 40 students, inform any additional parents that more spots will be available based upon need. We will keep them posted.
  8. Any other issues, please have them email me @