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Alhamdu lillah, Allāh blessed the Masjid and our community during 2021.

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Prayer 02

This is a concise video to show new Muslims how to perform prayer correctly according to the Sunnah of the Prophet, salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam.

Do They Really Love You 02

Do They Really Love You?

By Shaykh Hassan Somali

Gunz Violence 02

Gunz & Violence

By Shaykh Hassan Somali

By Shaykh Hassan Somali and CCDawah at Redstone Academy

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This is a concise video to show new Muslims how to perform Wudu correctly Insha …

Who was Abdul Majeed? What will the center provide to the community? Support: Cashapp $gtownmasjid …


Shaykh Hasan, may Allaah preserve him, answers a question regarding how brothers can overcome the …

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In a video podcast with Muwahhideen Publications, Shaykh Ḥasan delivers a powerful lecture on the …

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Shaykh Ḥasan was asked how to advise someone has abandoned the Salah.

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A LIVE lecture at Masjid Ibn ʿAbdullah ibn ʿAbbaas, Tobago for Mpubs’ 11th Annual Islamic …

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In an interview with Tobago’s Public Channel 5, Shaykh Ḥasan was asked if Islam is …

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Shaykh Ḥasan explains how Muslims will defend their Christian neighbors. This was taken place in …