By Shaykh Hassan Somali

We must condemn the violence and anyone promoting or glorifying violence. If we are serious about stopping our kids from being killed daily, we must be willing to fight against the culture that’s inspiring them to behave like this. 

Any song or message that is glorifying gun violence, murder or gang affiliation is a problem. If we are not willing to stand up against that, then we are not willing to solve the problem. It’s just words with no sincere action.

For you it may be just a song, but for the children it’s a lifestyle and a culture.

If money $, fame and relevance means more to us than our children, then we are also part of the problem. 

We can’t blame others if we don’t have the courage to speak up and be heard. 

May Allāh protect our children!!!

Advise those rappers to stop inciting our children towards murder and violence.

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