Dawah Center

Books, CDs, Thawbs, Overgarments, Oils and more

The Dawah center is located one block from the Masjid. It serves the community in various ways. Not only is it a place where Muslims can purchase reliable books and non-Muslims can receive a free copy of the Noble Quran or informative pamphlets about the religion, but it is also a center that provides marriage services and counselling for the community.

In Ramadan 2020, due to the Covid restrictions in places at the time, the Dawah center was used to distribute and deliver hundreds of free meals to the community throughout Philadelphia.

☎ 267-900-5371

Store Hours

Sunday10:00 AMMaghrib
Monday10:00 AMMaghrib
Tuesday10:00 AMMaghrib
Wednesday10:00 AMMaghrib
Thursday10:00 AMMaghrib
Friday10:00 AMMaghrib
Saturday10:00 AMMaghrib
Sunday10:00 AMMaghrib

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