We are a full time Islamic School consist of Islamic studies and secular academic studies. The Islamic studies curriculum is going to be created and implemented by Germantown Masjid Board. The instructors for Islamic Studies are selected by the Board. The instructional support for the Islamic studies is provided by the school director Omar Ganz, B.S. Ed., M.A.-LLSS, who is a credentialed instructor with 9 years of experience. The secular studies will be operated by a public cyber school. A computer lab will be established at the Germantown Masjid for the secular studies. The computer lab will be supervised by the computer lab staff employed by Germantown Masjid Academy.The computer lab will be structured with a schedule with allotted time on each class. A condition of registration is that parents will be required to enroll with our partnering Cyber School. The school day will be 4hrs dedicated to Islamic studies and 4hrs dedicated to secular studies; breaks and Salah are included. The school hours will run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and there will be no daycare outside of school hours. For specific questions email More details will be posted soon.