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Shaykh Hasan, may Allaah preserve him, answers a question regarding how brothers can overcome the …

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In an interview with Tobago’s Public Channel 5, Shaykh Ḥasan was asked if Islam is …

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Shaykh Ḥasan explains how Muslims will defend their Christian neighbors. This was taken place in …


Germantown Masjid · Islam’s Condemnation of Racism, Police Brutality & Injustice Verily Allāh commands that …

a comprehensive guide for the new muslim important lessons to help the new muslim correctly practice islam anwar wright 1
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By Shaykh Hassan Somali Germantown Masjid · Benefits from the Story of Mary by Hassan …


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Assalamu Alaykum Discussion with a Hebrew Isralite

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Assalamu Alaykum, This is an article aimed at non-Muslims, clarifying that the atrocities committed by …