Translated by Shaykh Anwar Wright

In the Name of Allāh:

Shaykh Sālih al Fawzān states: “And in this time of ours Ghulam Ahmad al Qādiyānī falsely claimed Prophethood in Pakistan, and there is a group that followed him and they are called the Qādiyāniyyah and the Ahmadiyyah. The Muslims are in agreement as regards to the kufr of this group, and they have been prevented from entering Makkah and making the Hajj because they are Kuffar. So there is no need of the sending of a Prophet after the Prophet ﷺ , and there’s no need of a legislation after the legislation of the Prophet ﷺ . The legislation will remain and the Sunnah will remain, so it is as if the Messenger ﷺ is present. So the people are not in need of the sending of another Prophet. A Prophet is only sent at the time of need when the previous scriptures disappear and become no longer existent; that is when a Prophet is sent. As for the message of the Prophet ﷺ, it will remain and it is preserved. It will not disappear all the way until the hour is established. The Qur’ān has been preserved.
“Verily it is Us who sent down the dhikr (i.e. the Qur’ān) and it is Us who will preserve it.”
Likewise the Sunnah is preserved and protected and all praises are for Allah. The authentic books of Tafsīr and the authentic explanations of Hadith are present and the authentic books of Fiqh are present. So there’s no need for the sending of a Prophet. His legislation ﷺ will remain until the hour is established. The Messiah Īsa ibn Maryam will descend in the last days. He will not descend with Prophethood, but rather he will descend following this Prophet (Muhammad) ﷺ . He will descend with the purpose that he is following the Messenger ﷺ and he will judge with his legislation. So he will not come with a new prophethood. Rather he will descend to slay the Dajjal and to revive the legislation of Islam. So therefore he is considered a Mujaddid (i.e. one who revived what has been left off), following the Messenger ﷺ. So this legislation is complete and all praises are due to Allah and it will remain and will not be abrogated, up until the hour is established. So the people are not in need of a new Prophet being sent. Likewise, anyone who believes a person who claims prophethood becomes a kafir. So those who follow those who claim prophethood fall into disbelief along with them. This is because they deemed them truthful, so their ruling is the same ruling of those who falsely claimed Prophethood. This is because they deemed them truthful, agreed with them and accepted that to be true in regards to them. Therefore their ruling is the same ruling of who they follow; they are kuffar. So for this reason, the Muslims ruled that the Qādiyāniyyah are upon disbelief, although Ahmad al Qādiyānī has passed away. However, as for those who follow him, the Muslims (the People of Knowledge) in the East and the West have ruled upon them that they are disbelievers, outside of the fold of Islam.”