This is a very important issue as there are those who promote this false notion and actually encourage sisters to abandon the lessons of students of knowledge who have graduated from the Islamic Universities and are well-known to the scholars.
Question from a sister:
“What is the ruling on those who teach the women and say to them: “Do not listen to the lessons of the scholars because they use complex expressions and it is obligatory upon you to take knowledge from your sisters who are students of knowledge”?
Al-‘Allâmah Ubayd al-Jâbirî:
“The woman saying this is ignorant. The women in the three praiseworthy generations and those upon goodness after them who came upon their way, the woman would take knowledge from the men in the masjid behind the screen. Likewise the origin is that knowledge is taken from the men, this is the origin, or perhaps we say the most common. Those who became most prominent in knowledge (i.e. of Islam) and branched out with it are the men. Also the scholars from amongst the women were rare and few. On top of this the expressions of the people of knowledge are not vague whereas no one can understand them. That which we see is that the men and women from the common folk attend the knowledge based lessons and benefit, (and again), the woman who says this is ignorant. Yes, if you find a woman who is a scholar, just as preceded in the first answer and she sits amongst the women and they take knowledge directly from her by way of mouth, no doubt this is great good.”
Translated by Anwar Wright
Source: ar.miraath.net

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