A Detailed Clarification That Shaykh Rabee’ Does Not Cooperate or Share Platforms with the People of Innovation A Response to the Claims of Aboo Usaamah Khaleefah adh-Dhahabee – click here to download
In this short treatise, we discuss an attempt made by Aboo Usaamah Khaleefah to utilize a doubt spread by some of the followers of ’Alee Hasan al-Halabee to claim that Shaykh Rabee’ (hafidhahullaah) sits and cooperates with the Raafidah. Even a right-minded and just opponent would be surprised at this allegation and would consider it far-fetched. However, since Aboo Usaamah is speaking to an audience that either does not have the time, ability or motivation to investigate this matter, it is easy for him to convey these doubts and to misguide his listeners. The reality of the matter is that the ruling authorities in Saudi Arabia convened a gathering to discuss matters of national security and unity. Shaykh Rabee’ went to in order to openly refute the Raafidah and warn against their evils, which he did and as a result of which other Scholars such as Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan (hafidhahullaah), stated that the Shaykh was the one who “exonerated himself” amongst all the others present. This is far different to the evil, distorted picture Aboo Usaamah has attempted to present. The followers of ’Alee al-Halabee tried to distort the history and facts regarding this matter because they were trying to defend the action of ’Alee al-Halabee in praising a document signed by a large numbers of innovators and in which there is a promotion of the unity of religions. Aboo Usaamah found nothing except this by which to deceive his listeners. His aim was to justify and defend his own actions of sharing platforms with people who are the students of Ikhwaanee innovators, who openly praise them and effectively invite to them. In addition to distorting facts about Shaykh Rabee’, Aboo Usaamah also went as far as to misuse a statement of Ibn Taymiyyah (d.728H) – rahimahullaah – in order to spread his confusion. In this short treatise, we highlight the errors of Aboo Usaamah and give him sincere advice to amend his ways and to repent from this disastrous path.
Abu Abdillah Hasan as-Somali

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