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Marriage Process Germantown Masjid offers a marriage service for brothers and sisters who are looking …

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This concise article will clarify two issues – inshā Allāh. The first is that the …

The Bayqūnīyah Poem

A Primer in Hadīth Terminology Listen to the recitation: Read in PDF:


In light of the current city guidelines (yellow phase), we would like to make the …

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The Muslim community is deeply embedded in Germantown with our places of worship, businesses and …

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Q1: What is the ruling on praying wearing a face mask and gloves while in a place where one fears contracting the virus?

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The aim is to keep this as simple as possible, so that it is suitable for all levels – inshā Allāh.

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Many communities globally will be unable to pray the ʿĪd Prayer in congregation due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus and the restrictions in place...


1st Saturday of each month Time: 12pm Taught by Jameel Finch

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In light of the Coronavirus outbreak and as a result of many Mosques having to temporarily close, some individuals and organizations have instructed the Muslim community to establish the Jumʿah Prayer at home.

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The Book of al-Riqāq

(Softening of the Hearts) From Saḥīḥ al-Bukhārī Workbook


Taught by Anwar Wright

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