By Shaykh Hassan Somali

Lesson 01

Lesson 02

Lesson 03

Lesson 04

Lesson 05

Lesson 06

Lesson 07: Conditions of the Prayer

Lesson 08: Covering One’s Awrah

Lesson 09: 01/19/2017 Description of the Prayer in Light of the Sunnah

Lesson 10: How to raise hands during the opening Takbir and errors, and Placing the hands on the chest

Lesson 11: 02/02/2017 How to position one’s head and where to look while standing in Prayer and prohibition of looking to the sky

Lesson 12: 02/16/2017 Opening Supplications and Explanation pt 1

Lesson 13: Opening Supplications pt2 and Seeking Refuge with Allah and rulings pertaining to it

Lesson 14: 03/16/2017 Recitation of Fatihah, mispronunciations and how they affect the Prayer, reciting behind the Imam, and more.

Lesson 15: 03/23/2017 Rulings relating to Fatihah, Ameen: its meaning and when to say it and what to recite after Fatihah

Lesson 16: What the Prophet recited in Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha