Germantown Masjid offers free classes Wednesdays – Sundays taught by qualified students of knowledge. All classes are opened to brothers and sisters (unless stated otherwise).



The Obligation of Opposing the People of the Hell-Fire

Shaykh Anwar Wright

TuesdaysAfter Maghrib

Qur'ān for Beginners

WednesdaysAfter Maghrib
ArabicWednesdaysAfter Isha
Fiqh Made Easy

Shaykh Hassan Somali


Advanced Qur'ān for Brothers

FridaysAfter Fajr
Jum'ahFridays1:15 PM

The Book of Faith from Sahih Muslim

Shaykh Hamzah Abdur Razzaq

FridaysAfter Maghrib

A Piece of Advice and Admonition for the Women

Shaykh Jameel Finch

1st Saturdays of the MonthAfter Dhuhr

Tafsir of Surah An-Naml

Shaykh Hamzah Abdur Razzaq

SaturdaysAfter Asr
New Shahadah Class for WomenUmm HurairahSundays10:00 AM

Explanation of the 3 Fundamental Principles

Shaykh Hamzah Abdur Razzaq

SundaysAfter Dhuhr

The Disease and It’s Cures

Shaykh Hassan Somali

SundaysAfter Maghrib