Explanation of Sharḥ Sunnah Imam Barbahārī Lessons Hassan Somali

Assalamu Alaykum

Insha Allah we will place here the lessons from Sharḥ Sunnah of Imam Barbahārī

Lesson 1: Biography & Defense of Imam Barbahārī


Lesson 2: Introduction to the book Sharḥ Sunnah by Shaykh Fawzan


Lesson 3: Points 1 & 2 Know that Islam is the Sunnah and the Sunnah is Islam…

Lesson 4: The foundation that the Jama’ah is built upon is the Companions

Lesson 5: Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: There is no excuse for someone going astray…

Lesson 6: Beware of small innovations…

Lesson 7: Examine carefully speech of everyone at your time…

Lesson 8: Leaving the correct path occurs in two ways.

Lesson 9: Speculative speech about Allah is an innovation.

Lesson 10:

Lesson 11: The Quran is the Speech of Allāh

Lesson 12: Seeing Allāh & Response To Common Doubts of Deviants

Lesson 13: Belief in the Scale

Lesson 14: Belief in the Punishment of the Grave

Lesson 15: Belief in the Hawdh (Lake/Pool)

Lesson 16: Intercession

Lesson 17: The Bridge over Hell

Lesson 18: Belief in the Prophets

Lesson 19: Belief in the Angels

Lesson 20: Paradise is true and the Hellfire is true

Lesson 21: Paradise part 2

Lesson 22: Belief in the Dajjal

Lesson 23: The Descent of Isa

Lesson 24: Faith consists of speech, action and belief.

Lesson 25: The Best of the people after the Prophets

Lesson 26: Obedience to the Rulers

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